About Thailand

Project Advantages


The Khorat evaporite basin. Located in northeast Thailand and extending partly into Laos, the basin covers an area of some 130,000 km² and is one of the largest undeveloped potash resources in the world. The potash deposits are generally gently dipping and at shallow depth (150 to 350 m). Both sylvite and carnallite are present in the mixed stratabound potash-bearing salt and halokinetic potash-bearing salt horizons of the Upper Cretaceous Maha Sarakham formation. Over the past three decades, the potash resources of the Khorat basin have been explored by a number of companies. Presently there are three projects in advanced development and which will benefit from a number of competitive advantages, including government support for development of the country’s potash resources, investment incentives and good infrastructure including electricity, water, road and rail. The shallow depth to potash deposits, 150 to 350 meters (compared with up to 1,900 meters in Saskatchewan) has a significantly beneficial impact on project capital costs, while a skilled, comparatively low-cost labor force will positively impact operating costs.


Government Support


In 2017, the Mining Industry Council of Thailand together with the Thai Department of Primary Industries and Mines set up a Potash Working Group, which includes representatives from eight potash license holders in the country, including Vatic’s Saksrithai subsidiary. The purpose of this potash working group is to produce presentation materials, including videos, as part of an ongoing government public relations campaign promoting potash development in the country. The series of videos introduce potash, how to explore and mine for potash, and what the benefits are for Thailand, and local people especially. These videos will be presented to the Thai cabinet in support of Thailand’s anticipated potash master plan, under the new (2017) Minerals Act. This material can be used by anyone to promote potash exploration and development. The video below is one of several produced and is in the Thai language.